Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Update on What I Will Post Going Forward

These last few months I’ve been in a season that makes it difficult to write for my blog. There are two aspects of that. One is that I had surgery to remove ovarian cysts and endometriosis in September (this surgery may or may not have solved my infertility issues). The other is that I’ve been in a particular new struggle in my infertility journey. Both of these aspects have meant that, while I have had plenty of thoughts to ponder and wrestle with, they haven’t been topics that I feel comfortable sharing publicly.
However, I do want to continue sharing beautiful, hopeful thoughts and actively encouraging others. So, I’ve decided that I will return to posting every Tuesday—both here on the blog and on my Instagram account, @michellednwrites—and I will primarily post quotations from wise people that are meaningful to me or that I hope will encourage others. I will either post a quotation on its own, or I may write some sort of commentary, depending on what feels right at the time.
So, keep an eye out for new posts on Tuesdays, and here is today’s quote:

"Maybe it's the darling tow-headed toddler who crosses herself like an angel, maybe it's the screaming four-year-old in the row ahead of us whose action figures have been taken away until after Liturgy. Whatever it is, there's something about church that makes us feel even more barren than anywhere else on the face of the Earth." 
--Nicole M. Roccas, Under the Laurel Tree: Grieving Infertility with Saints Joachim and Anna


  1. You know what I like about this? It makes your blog like a scrapbook, and you and others can come back to it to be reminded of good thoughts.

  2. Wow, I like your blog and I'll have to check out that book "Under The Laurel Tree" that you reviewed recently. My wife and I have struggled with infertility (primarily caused by endometriosis). We were able to have one child, although he was born in the 22nd week of gestation. He lived but it took five months to get him out of the hospital.

    Also, on the subject of loud children in church, I recently wrote a humor article on that topic on my blog:


    1. Thank you! That sounds like such a scary story with your son! I'm so glad he lived!!! Thank you for sharing your experience. God bless you!